Farnham Sinfonia -4


Following its highly successful initial concert for TBS, Farnham Sinfonia is seeking to establish itself as a permanent small orchestra in the Farnham area, providing performing opportunities for local professional musicians. The planned repertoire will range from classical through to “tuneful modern” and it is hoped that there will be further opportunities to premiere new works by contemporary composers.

The musicians will be paid per concert and the administration will be handled by unpaid volunteers. Initially for an incubation period the administration will be handled through TBS(CIO) but the plan is to establish Farnham Sinfonia as a separate registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) as soon as practicable.

As with almost all orchestras, the costs of performance and venue hire exceed the ticket sales, and so Farnham Sinfonia is seeking sponsors and patrons. For each concert around £2,000 of additional funding is needed. The plan is to hold the next concert on Saturday 21 April 2018 if the needed additional funding can be found. If you or your organisation would like to become a sponsor or provide financial support to Farnham Sinfonia please contact its conductor:

Matthew Taylor 07792 721 533  matthew_j_taylor@hotmail.com

It is possible for supporters to pledge funds on a conditional basis where they pay only if the necessary sum is reached.