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Louise Alder is a rising, gold medallist soprano who graduated this summer from the Royal College of Music Opera School.

Sponsored by the Countess of Munster Musical Trust, she performed a variety of songs and arias at Farnham Methodist Church.

The music-loving audience were blown away by the power and richness of this young singer’s voice. The first half of the programme comprised pieces from the baroque period by Handel, Purcell and Steffani. There were many demanding passages which were accomplished with ease and excellent breath control. She was extremely well supported by Gary Matthewman, a pianist whose playing was highly accomplished but also appropriately discreet.

After an interval, the programme moved to more recent music, mostly by Ireland, Watkins and Britten before two romantic songs by Ivor Novello. The finale was an amusing song from Flanders & Swann, “A word on my ear”, which required the singer to explain that she was tone deaf!

Not only is Louise Alder’s voice extremely versatile, but she is clearly an accomplished actress who goes into the character of whatever part she is performing with poise and confidence. Passion and humour were delivered with equal skill and conviction and it made listeners long to hear her performing in a full operatic role some time soon.
Louise Alder is a soprano to watch out for!
Ian Sargeant

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