This website is run by the Tilford Bach Society (CIO) but carries information on concerts

  • run before May 2017 by the original Tilford Bach Society, which dates from 1952
  • run from May 2017 to July 2019 by the Tilford Bach Society (CIO) but with the two Societies operating with respect to the audience as if they were one.

From autumn 2019 the two Societies will operate cooperatively but more separately with:

  • Tilford Bach Society (CIO) running the concerts in Farnham and Godalming, including Farnham Sinfonia
  • The original Tilford Bach Society running the annual festival based in Tilford

The trustees of the Tilford Bach Society (CIO) are:

  • Suzanne Cacciottolo (Vice Chairman, Coordinator of Godalming Conservatoire Concerts)
  • Jill Denbigh
  • Dr Trevor Gray
  • John Horrocks (Chairman, Treasurer and Coordinator of Farnham Concerts)
  • Dr Roger Jude
  • Diana Martin  (Coordinator of Farnham Sinfonia)
  • Sue Sagun (Secretary)

The original Tilford Bach Society is run by a committee of up to 12 members. The current members and officers are:

  • Sue Sagun  (Secretary):; 01252 613130
  • Jill Denbigh (Treasurer):
  • Peter Hopkins
  • Priest in Charge at Tilford Church currently Revd Neil Fairlamb
  • Adrian Butterfield: Music Director (non-voting)

    Adrian Butterfield

The Chairman role is vacant. John Horrocks the previous Chairman remains a trustee until 31 October 2019.

The Society is governed by a Constitution.

“External” Trustees and advisers (not Committee members)

  • Dr Trevor Gray
  • Dr Roger Jude

Past Chairmen

  • John Horrocks 2012 – 2019
  • Pete Wisbey 1998 – 2012
  • Mick Byford 1986 – 1998
  • Gordon Dearing 1982 – 1986
  • Jack Christmas 1952 – 1982

Past Music Directors

  • Laurence Cummings -2010 (including 5-year overlap with Adrian Butterfield)
  • Paul Nicholson 1993-
  • Denys Darlow 1952-2002

 Past Secretaries

  • Jill Denbigh 2012-2014
  • Sheila Austin 2002-2012
  • Helen Malyon 1985-2002
  • Barbara Gregory 1952-1985